Laser curing of Epoxy Resin

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x PATENTED EP21212839.1

Two component Epoxy IR curing by means of VCSEL

After years of researching and active participation in developing a system that is able to cure regular two component epoxy resin more controlled, efficient and faster, we are pleased to introduce the new:

Light head assembled with VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers ) are a type of semiconductor laser diodes. Unlike edge emitting laser diodes, VCSELs emit upwards and thus can be easily packed as emitter arrays containing hundreds of emitters on a single chip.

We have developed a curing head consisting of more than 50.000 lasers emitting infrared waves. When absorbed, heat energy is released regardless of the ambient temperature. Infrared energy excites molecules in Epoxy resin causing them to move faster which increases speed of the interaction of molecules in epoxy matrix. The result is fully cured epoxy matrix.

Overview of electromagnetic spectrum

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The power Of Lasers

The VCSEL head is equipped with more than 50,000 lasers which lead the epoxy matrix to a fast and controlled reaction by means of IR electromagnetic radiation in a mix spectrum of 950 up to 1500nm. There are three sensors controlling temperature development in the epoxy matrix while curing as well as an accelerometer that controls the head move.




No more steam or hot water! With a VCSEL head, you get heat only where needed! Curing process of Epoxy based CIPP material is completely controlled! VCSEL head is equipped with 3 temperature sensors for a full control on epoxy resin reaction, and accelerometer for preventing overheating of liner material. Imagine to work without any special preparation for a curing process and without any doubt if liner is fully cured or not. Imagine to cure epoxy resin based liner material with a speed of more than 2m per minute.


  • VSCEL vertical cavity emitting laser
  • 50.000 lasers on head
  • Cures Epoxy resin developed by SANIKOM
  • Cctv process control
  • Temperature and speed control
  • Water cooling
  • Not dangerous light
  • Variety of liners
  • IR electromagnetic radiation in mixed spectrum of 950 up to 1.500nm
  • No shrinkage
  • No energy loss
  • Changeable head


1 Temperature sensor No.1

2 Temperature sensor No.2

3 Temperature sensor No.3

4 Accelerometer

5 CCTV camera

6 VCSEL array



All Sanikom materials approved and in confirmance with all EU and Worldwide standards.