Sanidrum 600

Easy to handle!

Low inversion drum weight provides an easy move over the land as well as when pulled down and put back to the van. In addition the design of the wheal drive gives a light way for operators to drive.


Low in weight!

The rst inversion drum ever made of composite material. Enables low weight, enough temperature resistance to even use steam as heating media. Does not cor- rode and is easy for maintenance.

Made of composites!

Composite material has been already wide used even in aero- space industry. the time has come to explore this technology also in pipe rehabilitation area. Drum that has no seems so no leak can appear, can also widstand bigger pressure is re- sistant to punctures etc.. Even the service window is made of composite material what makes the operator job easy.

Techical details

Dimensions, weight and liner capacity

Total weight of 600 drum

Liner capacity

Liner DN max length (m)
DN100 40
DN125 30
DN150 26
DN200 18
DN250 12